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Arne Nevanlinna/Marie


Tuote: 539774

Hinta: 8.65 €

Peter Dickinson/The tears of the Salamander

Alfredo, a choir boy in 18th-century Italy, loses his family in a fire, and his mysterious Uncle Giorgio spirits him away..

Tuote: 538878

Hinta: 7.35 €

Carl Hiaseen/Stormy weather

... A son looks a man square in the yey and calls him pathetic, PATHETIC, any other father would curse or cry or take a punch..

Tuote: 538872

Hinta: 8.36 €

Charles Cumming/Typhoon

Hong Kong 1997 - only a few short months of British rule remain before the territory returns to Chinese rule. It's a febrile..

Tuote: 538870

Hinta: 8.65 €

Tony Curtis/American Prince: My autobiography

He has appeared in over a hundred films. Elvis copied his looks. The Beatles put him on the cover of Sgt. Pepper. Tony Curtis..

Tuote: 538868

Hinta: 8.65 €

Marita-Conlon McKennan/A girl called Blue

Larch Hill is the only home Blue knows. She arrived there just a few days old, wrapped in a blue blanket. Her one hope is..

Tuote: 538865

Hinta: 6.74 €

James Thompson/Helsinki White

Inspector Kari Vaara, recovering from brain surgery, is back to doing police work—under circumstances most cops only..

Tuote: 538864

Hinta: 8.32 €

Alice Thomas Ellis/The sin eater

A troubled family gather at the ancestral home on the Welsh coast, awkwardly awaiting the death of the family patriarch...

Tuote: 538862

Hinta: 7.32 €

Ken Follett/A dangerous fortune


Tuote: 538860

Hinta: 8.64 €

Berlitz/Finnish phrase book and dictionary

1200 words and phrases
easy-to-understand pronuncation
menu reader
emercy expressions
section color-coded..

Tuote: 538853

Hinta: 3.25 €

Bob Woodward/Maestro Greenspan's fed and the American boom

...Over the next few weeks, the stock market remained high, with the Dow right areound 2500, while long-term interest rates..

Tuote: 538847

Hinta: 8.65 €

Children's illustrated Encyclopedia


Tuote: 538829

Hinta: 15.62 €

Dennis Lehane/ Shutter island

The year is 1954. U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule, have come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe..

Tuote: 538552

Hinta: 8.56 €

Bel Mooneys/Like Mother, like daughter?


'Like Mother, Like Daughter?' features 14 stories that explore the mother-daughter relationship in a variety of different..

Tuote: 538546

Hinta: 4.25 €

Jonathan Kellerman/Killer (an Alex Delaware novel)

The City of Angels has more than its share of psychopaths, and no one recognizes that more acutely than the brilliant psychologist..

Tuote: 538541

Hinta: 6.54 €

Alexandra Penney/How to make love to each other

The Red Dress
What makes people stay in love?
The great divide: how and why men and women see love and sex very diffirent..

Tuote: 538540

Hinta: 6.25 €

Louise Rennison/Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Monday march 1st
10.30a.m. Still not speaking to Jas, but things have gone horribly wrong in that she is not speaking to..

Tuote: 538531

Hinta: 5.87 €

Louise Rennison/Knocked Out by my Nunga-Nungas

1.00 a.m. Libby woke me up when she pattered and clanked into my room. When she had got everybody into my bed she said, in..

Tuote: 538525

Hinta: 4.32 €

Charmed/Voodoo moon

The Halliwells are on vacation. It's time to party in New Orleans.
But on Prue, Piper and Phoebe's first night in the Big..

Tuote: 538521

Hinta: 5.72 €

Susan Juby/I'm Alice (Beaty Queen)

From the author of the hilarious I’m Alice (I think), comes the irresistibly funny sequel, with further adventures..

Tuote: 538520

Hinta: 6.32 €

Cathy Hopkins/Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny

Nesta's life is thrown into upheaval when she gets involved in charity work, thingking that might be a cool way to meet people..

Tuote: 509527

Hinta: 5.65 €

Abigail Bosanko/Lazy ways to make a living

There are some areas in life where one can, without shame, simply own up to not having the knack - mental arithmetic, for ..

Tuote: 509052

Hinta: 6.21 €

Fiona Dunbar/The Truth cookie

Imagine a magical recipe to make all yuor dreams come true!
L´lu Baker's dad have a new love, Varaminta le Bone. She's..

Tuote: 509036

Hinta: 6.54 €

Capi da Setta-takki koko L


Tuote: 508987

Hinta: 45.98 €

Noëlle Harrison/ Beatrice

Eithne is the keeper of secrets in her family. When her sister Beatrice disappeared from her home in the dark woods of Co..

Tuote: 507971

Hinta: 5.64 €

Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser/ The rise and fall of a teenage social climber

...After letting myself into  yhe front door of our brownstone, I flipped trought the mail basket that we shared with the..

Tuote: 507967

Hinta: 6.58 €

Susan Juby/ I'm Alice (I think)

 I blame it all on The Hobbit. That, and my supportive home life. Igrew up in one of those loving families that fail to prepare..

Tuote: 507708

Hinta: 5.32 €

Leslie Margolis/Fix

Pretty, blond, popular Cameron Beekman has it all-lots of girlfriends, a hot boyfriend, and a successful family. She´s perfection..

Tuote: 507669

Hinta: 4.32 €

Jung Chang/Wild Swans Three Daughters of China

Jung Chang´s grandmother´s feet were bound as a child, and she was given to a warlord general as a concubine. As the general..

Tuote: 507652

Hinta: 8.65 €

Alice Hoffman/ Skylight Confessions

On the night that Arlyn Singer´s father dies, she certain her destiny will find her. Some hours later a young man shows up..

Tuote: 507629

Hinta: 7.32 €

Deborah Ellis/ Mud city

Shauzia has a dream. She dreams of getting away from the refugee camp in Pakistan and travelling to France. There she knows..

Tuote: 507622

Hinta: 6.32 €

Collins Gem/Science basic facts

The perfect minidictionary of science. Includes key terms and concepts, clearly defined with the aid..

Tuote: 507323

Hinta: 5.98 €

Julia; kaksi tarinaa Parisuhteen kova koulu ja Pomon vauvakuume

Miten voikin samaan aikaan olla niin taitava ja niin toistentaitoinen! Rahan Tyler sai asettumaan..

Tuote: 506689

Hinta: 4.65 €
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